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CNC Router

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WinCNC has been in use on CNC router machines for many years. It has been used by thousands of customers worldwide. WinCNC is used extensively with Cut 2D/3D, VCarve Pro, Aspire, EnRoute, BobCAD, VisualMill, and many other CAD/CAM packages.

Routing Features

  • Spindle Speed Control for spindles that support analog or digital commands.
  • Single, Dual, Automatic or Manual Tool Changer support.
  • Machine Mapping to compensate for mechanical innacuracies.
  • Automatic Tool Length Measuring.
  • Bit Wear Compensation.
  • Spindle Temperature and Overcurrent Monitoring.
  • Supports multiple routers, spindles, drills, and gang drills.
  • Supports Rotary Axis in lathe, rotary table, and aggregate tool configurations.
  • Restart Capability allows jobs to be restarted at any point within the job file.

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Example of a Dual Head Router set up.

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Example of a Tool Changer Dual Head Router set up.

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