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WinCNC Software and Features

The prices shown are for the basic WinCNC software/hardware package and all available additional features. To receive a price estimate by e-mail simply check the desired boxes and complete the contact form, then click continue. Price discounts are available for quantity purchases and resellers. Please e-mail for more information.

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WinCnc Software, PCI7200, and Daughter Board - $1260.00
Basic WinCNC Software package. Includes the required PCI7200 and daughter board.

Software Features
Raster/Vector Laser Support $300.00
Plasma Height Control Support $300.00
Tool Changer Support $300.00
Analog Spindle Speed Support $150.00
Serial Key Pad Support $100.00
Serial Key Pad Support with Keypad $600.00
Wireless Key Pad Support $100.00
Wireless Key Pad Support with Keypad $500.00
Tangential Knife Support $400.00
Rotating Saw Support $200.00
Matched Frequency/PWM Support $200.00
External Application Com.DLL Support $500.00
Digitizing Probe Support $200.00
Digitizing Probe Support with Touch Probe $510.00
WinFence Software $3000.00
WinStair Software Basic Package $3000.00
WinStair Software with Batch Processing $5000.00

Prices subject to change without notice.
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